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$49.95 Single-sided Dartboard  | $63.95 Double-sided Dartboard



The item and shipping cost for your order will be displayed during the checkout process. 


PhotoDarts offers quantity options and shipping methods to meet your needs. We calculate our shipping cost per weight and quantity of items in your order. The item costs, plus shipping charges are summarized during the checkout process. Most packages may be tracked per our carriers' websites. To find out the cost to ship your order, proceed to checkout with the item(s) in your cart. The final cost for your order will be displayed during the checkout process.

$49.95 Single-sided Dartboard

$63.95 Double-sided Dartboard

Shipping and Delivery

After you place your order, it will be ready to ship in approximately one week. Delivery time depends on your location. We ship using USPS and FedEx. You can choose to have your dartboard shipped USPS (currently unavailable) or FedEx Ground, 2-Day Express or Standard Overnight.

Please contact or call 913-888-3468 Ext 114 with questions regarding quantity discounts and shipping costs.

International Shipping

Need to ship PhotoDarts internationally? Your dartboard can ship to any location outside the United States. You can use the International Postal Calculator below for FedEx pricing and then call us to complete your order.  

The calculator estimate is based on only one dartboard. Specifically, a package with these properties: 18in x 18in x 1in.
*Please note there will be additional tax and duties added to the shipping cost shown. 

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